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If you’re ready to reach more customers through digital marketing let’s weigh anchor. 

More Clients. More Revenue.

Full Stack Digital Marketing

Our unique ability to develop copy, video, and imagery with your marketing team anywhere in the world means that we develop the killer creative needed to convert for the entire campaign

Perfect Partners

Let our team support yours. We work diligently with your marketing team to develop digital campaigns and can use existing creative, collateral, team skills to get the campaign just right.

What We Do

Full Stack Marketing to Raise Your Revenues

Getting Social

Getting Visual

Getting Leads

Facebook Ads

Stay top of mind with those who have visited your site. Send potential leads targeted ads to get them to fill out their information.

HD Video

We work with premier video professionals to get the kind of video that enhances your listings, charters, and websites, anywhere in the world. 

Target The Right Audience

We partner with data providers who touch billions of individuals around the globe. Combined with your experience and data, target the world. 

Instagram Ads

Beautiful Yachts, and Scenery means a perfect setting for Instagram Ads & Posts.

Full 360 Video

Show your Yacht Inventory in full walk-through glory giving clients the closest idea to what it’ll be like to rent as possible. 

Get Them On the Phone

Bring the top lead generation technologies and team to bear on getting the right clients on the phone with you. 

Google Ads

Compete on a global scale and get found whenever someone is looking for the specific keywords for your business.

Drool Worthy Photos

Capture the minds of potential clients with photos to inspire their dreams. Created animated photos to further enhance the view. 

5 Star Follow-Up

Create a follow up system to continue to get reviews, and raise your conversion rates. 70%+ of purchasers said that reviews & testimonials impacted their purchase or booking.

Yacht on the azure seashore in balearic islands
Le Chat Digital Marketing Yacht Photography & Video
Our Mission

Turn discerning people into leads for your business.

We super charge your business by utilizing:

1. Proven Strategies

Customizing our approach to your company means that we discover what works best for you, not just copy and paste someone else’s strategy. 

2. Incredible Execution

Selling luxury experiences and items through bespoke marketing requires executing on great ideas. Nothing is more of a waste of time and money than someone who can talk it but can’t execute it. 

A Brief Service FAQ

Most frequent questions and answers

We come to you! Wherever in the world, we fly in and work with premier local talent to facilitate and oversee the strategy and production. Depending on the needs you have, we hire models, will schedule to stay either on the ship, or nearby on shore to ensure everything is done to our high standards.

If you have great collateral already or a team that can facilitate the type of videos we see work to drive interest/traffic/leads then no. However, without great collateral, we won’t be able to present you with the results you desire to grow your business. 

We turn over 100% of the collateral to the client. You own everything and can use it as you like at anytime. We only stipulate to be allowed to use some collateral for our own marketing purposes. 

We believe in earning and maintaining our relationships with clients through the success we bring them. Because of that, most of our work is done month-to-month after a 3-6 month initial contract period. We customize many terms to suite the needs of clients.

We customize everything to our clients, and so most of our services do not have static prices. Pricing depends on duration of time spent shooting, model requirements, travel expenses, etc. We are more than happy to put together a bespoke quote after a quick conversation on your needs. 

our Services

Turn the internet into a conversation.

Super charge your results.