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What Is Quora? A Marketer’s Guide to the Most Underrated Platform of 2020

Part of a social media manager’s job is to filter through which platforms are or aren’t relevant to their industry — or, more importantly, their audience. But there’s more to choose from than Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Snapchat, and Instagram. Believe it or not, Quora is one such platform you might want to add to your […]

How to Get the Most out of Your Ecommerce Marketing Strategy

What do a Hand Forged 1060 High Carbon Black Steel Blade Full Tang Samurai Katana Sword and a 7,541-Piece Lego Millennium Falcon™ Replica have in common? Well, first and foremost, they’re both awesome. Second, if you have kids under the age of three, you probably don’t want them playing with either — one is a […]

Unstructured Data Vs. Structured Data: A 3-Minute Rundown

Most marketers think being data-driven means using web metrics to inform every decision they make. But that’s not actually being data-driven. That’s being Google Analytics-driven. To truly be data-driven, we must remind ourselves of the actual definition of data — all types of information. One of the most insightful types of information is qualitative data […]

16 Creative Lead Generation Ideas to Try

Lead generation is tough, whether in person or online. Sending cold emails and scraping together lists can be difficult because — let’s face it — often, people don’t want to take the time out of their schedules to talk. What if you could reach your lead generation goals using methods that actually add value for […]

The 5 Goals to Consider When Creating a Marketing Strategy

Life is full of big decisions. And, nine times out of ten, they’re not ones you want to jump into without a little thought or pre-planning. The same can be said about your business and its marketing activities. You’re not executing campaigns just for the sake of it, and you’ll struggle to justify your spend […]

7 Marketing Alternatives to Tracking Cookies

At some point your life, you’ve probably had a run-in with ads generated by third-party cookies. Think about it. Have you ever browsed an online store, then gone on to a social media network just to see a pop-up advertisement for the exact products you just looked at? Unless you’ve given your email to the […]

HubSpot Managers on the 3 Skills You Need to Lead People

Why do people really quit their jobs? Before you say “salary,” “benefits,” or “workload,” take a second to think about the worst boss you’ve ever had. Were they bad at giving feedback, not helpful, or just plain mean? Did they have you feeling unmotivated, too nervous to offer ideas, or fearing that you’d lose your […]

How to Launch a Product, According to HubSpot’s Product Marketers

Like a tree falling in the woods, if you launch a product without spreading the word — will anyone use it? Will anyone even want it? Probably not. Whether you’re launching something huge, something small, or you’re updating a current offering, you’ll want to start your preparation well in advance of the launch date. This […]

What is Banner Blindness? How Can You Avoid It?

My morning routine is generally pretty straightforward: I wake up, do yoga, shower and get ready for work, then visit my favorite music websites to get my daily fix on the latest news. Usually, when I sign onto these sites, I start scrolling as soon as the webpage loads. Not because I want to check […]