23 Best Free Personality Tests You Can Take Online in 2024

Have you ever wondered why you think and behave the way you do? Or why you seem to clash with certain people while effortlessly connecting with others? The answer may lie in your personality type. And as someone who has always been introspective, I’ve found personality tests to be powerful tools for boosting self-awareness, self-discovery, […]

7 Pieces of Content Your Audience Really Wants to See [New Data]

As a marketer, one of my goals is understanding the different types of content that resonate with my audience. With that in mind, I went over HubSpot’s recent Consumers Trends Report, which surveyed what types of content marketers are using in 2024 to gain the most traction — here are some of my key takeaways. […]

Pharmaceutical Advertising: What It Is & Trends To Look Out For in 2024

“Take this pill, and watch your migraine disappear in ten minutes!” How do drug commercials make those miracle cures sound so easy? I used to sell supplements for one fitness company in my early student years and always felt a pang of anxiety promoting products. What if they didn’t work? What if there were side […]

How to Add Text to A GIF [Tutorial]

As a marketer, I’ve created a lot of digital graphics throughout my career. However, it wasn’t until recently that I started looking into creating GIFs. For some reason, I’d always assumed creating custom animated graphics would be a time-consuming process that required a skill set I simply didn’t have. Turns out, I was wrong. In […]

Everything You Need To Know About Podcast Advertising and Sponsorships

As a content growth and innovation leader for HubSpot, I know how important it is to find impactful ways to expand your brand’s reach. In my experience, one of the more effective and underrated channels for marketers is podcast advertising. Outside of work, I’m an avid podcast listener. I’ve been persuaded to test out a […]

The Ultimate New Hire Onboarding Guide That Actually Works

My first time getting hired — a college internship — wasn’t exactly memorable. Honestly, there wasn’t much of a new hire onboarding process at all. Instead, my boss gave me a brief rundown on how the organization was structured, what my role entailed, and what my first assignment would be. By the time I got […]

How to Write a Memo [Template, Examples & HubSpotter Tips]

A memo is the best way to share news when you have a significant update or important win within your company. Unlike an email, your memo will go out to your entire department or everyone at the company, so knowing how to format a memo is just as important as what you write. No pressure. […]

The Ultimate Guide to Social Community Management [+Expert Tips]

I used to roll my eyes at the word “community.” It sounded like just another marketing buzzword. But after becoming actively involved in building and maintaining online communities around brands, I realized the immense value hidden behind what I once dismissed as a mere fad. For example, here at HubSpot, building a strong community has […]

14 Best AI Video Generators to Use in 2024

Videos are integral to any marketing campaign; however, they can be tedious and difficult to create if you aren’t savvy with editing or are short on time. Fortunately, you can leverage many AI video generators to streamline your video production and create content that engages your audience. But what’s the best AI video generator for […]

25 Top-Notch Product Landing Page Templates

Over the course of my career as a marketing executive, I’ve found that an effective product landing page template can be a vital resource. After all, a landing page is a great way to turn traffic into conversions — but not all pages are created equal. In this article, I’ll start by going through a […]